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Apply for Your Dream Job

Finding a new job is a significant milestone in your life, and with the help of Konnect Recruitment, you will meet your perfect match. Our recruitment consultants know a thing or two about the job market, and will do everything in their power to find the right job for you. On our website you will find adverts for both temporary and permanent jobs in a variety of sectors and industries.

Areas of Speciality

Konnect Recruitment has an array of expertise in permanent and temporary roles across a broad range of sectors. The industries we specialise in include:

  • Computing & IT
  • Legal
  • Technical & Engineering
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Professional & Managerial

Committed to Employers

Recruitment agencies are often perceived by employers as only being interested in a transaction, and not always working in the best interests of the employer or jobseeker. You can rest assured that this is not the case when you work with us. Whether you are looking for temporary staffing cover, or searching for your next permanent member of staff, you will notice a marked difference when you advertise through Konnect Recruitment. Our commitment to our values gives you confidence that our partnership will be straightforward, open, and honest.

A Customised Service

In order to provide a high standard of service we carried out comprehensive research to understand what employers want from a recruitment agency, and have based our services on this feedback. Employers want to work with an agency they trust, and which acts as an extension of their business, helping them make the right hiring decisions. We ensure that working with Konnect Recruitment delivers the best result for everybody, every time.

Recruitment Process

Candidates apply for a position through our website before partaking in an interview with us. We will ensure that they are suitable for the job before putting them forward directly to the employer. Website applicants will receive a notification from us within two hours, as we never leave candidates waiting. Your individual process will always be tailored to your needs, whether you are a candidate or employer.

Contact us now to receive more information about our temporary and permanent recruitment.